I Miss My Characters

I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I’ve given much thought to The Other Side of the Fence. Honestly, the book has been one of the last things on my mind. The same goes for the poetry books too. My focus has been elsewhere and I feel guilty about it.

My characters have been calling my name. I miss them in the way one would miss an old friend. Spending time with them is now on my agenda.

The ultimate goal for the book was and still is to turn it into a web series. I’m going to go back to writing a few episodes. There are several questions left unanswered. The #1 question is asked at the end of the book. I cannot wait to answer it.

Yes, I know the answer to the question. I knew the answer when I wrote the book. As a matter of fact when I wrote that line in the book, I remember visualizing Danielle as she stood in front of the mirror. I could feel her sense of defeat. There was an urge to have her turn around and answer him, but she was tired. I ended the book that way as to not drag her through another page of embarrassment

Anyway, I miss writing. I miss keeping up with this blog. In a sense I miss myself.

I Tried to Hate Her

I tried to hate her. I wanted my readers to hate her too. I wanted to her to have the world in the palm of her hand yet screw it up at every turn. I tried. I really did try. When I created the character of Stephanie for the story Liquor Lesbian, I filled her with many negative traits. She’s an alcoholic. She’s selfish. She’s impulsive. She’s irresponsible. She’s heartless at times. I use writing exercises for all my characters. Once I give them traits, I ask why. Why is she an alcoholic? Why is she selfish? Why is she impulsive? Why is she irresponsible?

The answers don’t always come immediately. As I wrote Liquor Lesbian, I started to realize why Stephanie behaved the way she did. She craved attention and like a vampire on prey, she sucked it out of everyone she encountered. Stephanie is beautiful; in my mind, she’s unrealistically beautiful. She’s the woman who wears makeup for fun. She knows she’s beautiful too. She’s the woman who can steal your heart as soon as she rolls over in bed to say, “Good morning.” Yet she’s a hot ass mess.

Once I started revealing more of her background, I began to like her. She makes a reappearance in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. That is the story when Stephanie’s vulnerabilities show. I’ve already started brainstorming web show episodes and I know more about Stephanie than anyone right now. I can clearly see that underneath the designer clothes, lavish parties, and drunken nights is an abandoned little girl who just wants to learn how to love.  I can’t wait for you all to meet her!


The Other Side of the Fence will be relaunched shortly.

Reserve Your Copy of, “Naked” Today!

memphis 2015Reserve your copy of, “Naked” today! I’m a hodgepodge of emotions right now. Thankfully, excited is the top emotion. The time has come for me to open up shop. You can now reserve your copy of, “Naked” for $8.97 from now until Sept 30th. After the 1st the price will increase.

Naked will feature several of my most honest poems. Included with the ebook will be audio of some of the poems.

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Short Stories Weren’t Enough

The Other Side of the Fence is a compilation of 6 short stories. As my 8th-grade math teacher always said, “Folk, there is a method to my madness.” True, I wanted to try my hand at different writing styles, but I wanted to do something else.

A wise man named, Trick Daddy, once said that everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows something about it. When I began to outline The Other Side of the Fence, I drew flow charts. Think back to The L Word when Alice drew “The Chart” although my chart wasn’t sexual. I wasn’t connecting characters who’ve had sex with one another. I was connecting how the characters knew one another.

I charted out how their paths would cross. Would they have a class together? Did they work on campus? Were they friends with someone who was related to someone else? Are they from the same hometown?

These are a sample of the questions I asked myself as I charted the characters. There is a sense of reality when characters from 1 story have a connection to characters in another story. Method to my madness is that I need material for the web series. If I had 6 separate stories, I’d have to either create 6 web series or I’d have to choose 1 story and build from there. I feel that someone is thinking, “Why not just add in the other 5 stories.” Well, if you read the book and the 6 stories had nothing to do with one another it would be a little awkward to bring people in that have nothing to do with the storyline.

When you read The Other Side of the Fence, you’ll quickly see how the stories are all intertwined. Writing the first 2 drafts of the web series, I was excited because the pieces were falling into place. The way I wrote the book gave me a lot of wiggle room to play with the web series.

Once the web series becomes reality, I am speaking into existence now that it will last long enough for Devin to have his questioned answered. I know the answer and I’m ready to tell it. There are 9 women who have more tea to spill and I am ready to spill it!

Is Your Book a True Story?

OtherSideOfFenceCoverResize1“Is your book a true story?”

This is the first question readers ask me after they read, “The Other Side of the Fence”. I lie to you not, Anika Noni Rose was overseas filming “Half a Yellow Sun” when she read my book. The first thing she said to me after she read it was questioning which parts are true. I told her that my love life as a book would be a saga of incomplete sentences and abruptly ending chapters. If The Other Side of the Fence were a human being, the skeleton would be true; however everything else would be fabricated.

I don’t have any personal stories to share that would be long enough to write a book. Instead, I took a few experiences and observations and toyed with them. I used general conversations on hypothetical situations and toyed with them. So, sorry to disappoint anyone who thought they’d be getting the inside scoop or a true story. Since I’m a nice person, here is a small example of how a book of my love life would go:


We met and exchanged numbers. We went out one time. I called. No answer. I text no reply. My friends saw him in the club. He now has a girlfriend.

The End


See why I wouldn’t write about myself?

There are lessons to be learned throughout The Other Side of the Fence. Times have changed since the writing of the book; however, a few new laws don’t change years of ignorance and hate. A lot of the cliffhangers in the book will be answered in the web series.

A heads up to everyone, there will be new print copies available soon as well as an updated version for download. The content is not changing! I am going to have the book reformatted for printing and ebook purposes. I’m a Virgo. We love perfection. Now thanks to Fiverr.com I can outsource tasks for a lower price. I’m a Virgo. We’re frugal.

TBA- Naked: Poetry by Angela Naomi

TBA- Naked: Poetry by Angela Naomi

I have put off writing a poetry book for far too long. Honestly, I didn’t think my poetry was good enough to publish. I was nervous about disclosing my inner thoughts on situations. As previously stated in another blog post, I came up with the concept of the book from author Ashanti White. She’s a close friend of mine and I have followed her work for years. We were at a Words of Wisdom poetry slam in Chapel Hill, NC when she performed a poem that was personal to her. She said it made her feel as if she were naked in front of us. I took that concept and began work on Naked; my first poetry book.

The release date hasn’t been decided upon and as soon as I work out the details with my techie people I will be able to give one.

Naked will feature poems, monologues, and Haikus. When you purchase the ebook you will be given a code to gain access to a private section on this website. Once in that section, you will have access to the book on audio. When I reach 100 sales there will be a V.I.P. live Q&A with me in the private section. I won’t spoil everything, but there’s going to be something fun announced on that webinar.

Again, this is not an ebook of erotica poetry. No names will be said, but if you feel a poem is about you just think twice before you contact me. If the spirit compels you to contact me, I will reply to you on my own time.

Many thanks to my graphic designer in Spain, JB Inspiration. I told him my idea and he did the rest.

With that being said, I present to you the cover for Naked.


20 Random Facts About Me

20 random facts about me, Angela Naomi

  1. I don’t like seeing a bunch of holes. Seriously, I almost vomit every time I read the blogs or see videos about clusters of holes.
  2. I own a lot of blue shirts even though I try to branch out into wearing other colors.
  3. I hate mayonnaise. Do I even need to elaborate?
  4. There isn’t a soda I dislike. I do have preferences, but no dislikes.
  5. I have never been to California. Going to the airport for 15 minutes doesn’t count.
  6. After some thinking and chats with my mom, we both realized I probably didn’t finish kindergarten. I was bumped to the 1st grade when we moved to Virginia. I have no kindergarten graduation photos and no certificate. My mom even said she has no recollection of me finishing kindergarten. In fact, we are still trying to figure it all out. LOL!
  7. I’m more nervous singing in front of a small audience than a large audience.
  8. I’ve performed in Ain’t Misbehavin and Memphis neither of which had I seen before performing in them. Seriously, I didn’t even know the music.
  9. I don’t like Ferris wheels. When I was a kid my friend’s mom and I got stuck at the top. I haven’t been on one since.
  10. I’ve always been single. This shocks people, but it’s true. Aside from those 2 week “relationships” in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade I’ve always been #TeamSingle. Nobody can part their lips to say I was ever their girlfriend. No, this isn’t a good thing. No matter how people have tried to tell me it’s ok. No, it’s not.
  11. Although, I use syrup occasionally I prefer pancakes and waffles with only butter.
  12. I’m a bit of a pack rat. I am aware of this so I force myself to take things to the Goodwill every month.
  13. I love socks!
  14. I am a horrible basketball player.
  15. I don’t like small talk over the phone; send a text or email instead. If we live in the same town just meet up with me.
  16. I used to chew gum a lot. I have no idea how many packs I’d go through during one week.
  17. I like to keep my nails long, but due to Navy regs I have to cut them back for drill weekends.
  18. I don’t like Olive Garden.
  19. I’m a good driver, but don’t like to drive. If I had a chauffeur I’d be happy.
  20. I love making blanket forts.

Unique Gift for Valentine’s Day

Unique gift for Valentine’s Day:

Instead of the usual box of chocolates and overpriced dinner at a subpar restaurant, surprise your love with a box of love poems and quotes. Each poem will be printed on cardstock paper and the quotes will be on smaller paper. Be creative with this box of poems! Perhaps, leave a note in the kitchen or in your love’s lunchbox. Tape a quote to the bathroom mirror.

Searching for a unique gift for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be hard! You can pre-order your box today and it will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. By the way the original poems and Haikus will be signed hand signed with me. Each box will also include a handwritten “Thank You” note from me.

All boxes will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day!


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Designing a Book Cover

OtherSideOfFenceCoverResize1Designing a book cover is not that easy when you aren’t an artist. I consider myself a Visionary Doodler. Which means I can create the most elaborate images in my mind and doodle them on paper. Only a true artist can take my doodle and make it coherent. Ok, maybe I’m not that bad; however I’m definitely a far cry from my lovely cousin. She once drew my vision as I described it to her. #MyCousinIsBetterThanYours

When I was in the process of writing The Other Side of the Fence, I wasn’t sure what the cover should look like. I tossed some ideas around such as a girl sitting; her back to the fence with her hand through the links touching the grass on the other side. Fashion is not my ministry; I had no clue what she would be wearing. All of my ideas for clothes always led back to jam-jams or sweat pants.

I should note that it took me several years to write this book. I will save that conversation for a vlog. Circa 2011 I was ready to make the cover. My friends John and CQ know all things fashion. My BFF Kia is a photographer. I told John and CQ my vision and they immediately went to work.

Choosing a model took some time. I knew I wanted a woman of color on the cover and I would know which one when I saw her. I sifted through my Facebook friends and even their friends. I went through models John and CQ had worked with. That’s when I found Christine. She immediately ceased the search. Honestly, I can’t fully describe how I knew she was the one. There was something about her eyes that captivated my attention.

On one of our random trips to Mrs. Anne’s house (the seamstress), John says that there is a fence that I need to see. We ended up in Lizard Lick, NC. The location was PERFECT! Be sure to check out the vlog for the behind the scenes video and the photo album for pictures.

I didn’t have any money to pay everyone. In fact, I told CQ the most I can do is pay the makeup artist because none of us can do makeup well enough for the shoot. I scraped together $40 and paid the makeup artist.

It was a cold day in Lizard Lick, NC but we had on coats. By we, I mean CQ, Kia, John, Rocky, and myself. Christine had on a dress. She was  a trooper though. Bless you dear! The cover of the book was captured on the first shot, but Kia took a lot more pictures.

The work that followed afterwards is mundane chit chat. I want to thank my cousin for helping with the cover formatting. It truly does take a team to get things accomplished!










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